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Strategy combined with analytics

UNEX BI combines strategic industry know-how with
Best Practice in Business Intelligence

Fully exploit the potential of your data

As strategy consultants, we have been helping our clients generate profits from data for over 20 years. The rapid development of business intelligence technologies is opening up completely new opportunities. UNEX BI is our competence center for intelligent market cultivation and dynamic price control.

What makes UNEX BI so unique? Combining strategic industry experience with the use of business intelligence. We uncover market opportunities for our customers for more sales and higher returns. The sales department receives concrete sales opportunities and sales prices are dynamically adjusted to market conditions.

UNEX BI customers are primarily manufacturing companies of consumer, durable and industrial goods as well as leading providers in the travel industry such as airlines, rail, cruise, logistics and tour operators.

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Interactive sales dashboard, created with Microsoft Power BI

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Advantages through BI-supported sales and price management

You will be as excited as we are

Combine data

If your data is stored in different systems and copy / paste is part of your daily routine, you will be thrilled.

Permanently networked

In the future, all data systems will be connected, automated and without manual effort.

Clean data

Do your analysts need to manually reorder and format data? Allow your data specialists time for more demanding tasks.

Clean and tidy

All recurring data corrections will be implemented automatically from now on. Pure digitization.

Distribute data

Do you send reports in emails and have everyone save them manually? That's over now.

Central portal

All reports are now located in a central portal. Reminders of new data are of course still available.

Visualize data

Are you also tired of data wallpapers and complicated pivot constructions?

Important immediately recognized

Attractive dashboards immediately show the need for action. Valuable insights are enabled through appropriate visualizations.

Start measures

Do you need a lot of time to find the valuable impulse in the data graveyards?

Hunting instead of brooding

From now on, one look is enough: The opportunities are immediately obvious and concrete measures are proposed.

Evaluate success

I think I have the impression, I suspect and hope - but I don't know

Current performance evaluation

From now on, you can always see who was successful, where and how. Best practice approaches are identified and shared. Because only facts create knowledge.

We make you even more successful!

Current data always with you

Strategic BI Consulting

The most important data, developments, comparisons and recommended measures are provided optimized for tablet and smartphone. In this way, the preparation for a customer visit is refreshed directly before the meeting and spontaneous customer visits gain enormously in quality.

Capture developments faster – with graphics instead of tables!

Data can be captured more quickly through suitable graphical processing. The result: better understanding of the situation and time-saving conversion of the data into measures

  • Traffic light systems indicate need for action

  • Colors refer directly to opportunities and risks

  • Reports can be sent and further refined

  • Permissions limit visibility to relevant data only

  • Paper is saved, all information is always at hand

  • Communication and feedback are promoted through chats

  • Orders and info can be sent directly to colleagues

Examples of our project work

We have been using BI tools in our project work for over five years.

Who we are

Our consulting philosophy

UNEX stands for United Experience. This means that we work very closely with you and your colleagues. We understand your industry. But your particular business model, once we have the first project together, we have to get to know. In many cases, our customers have already taken their first business intelligence steps. Then it is natural that these results form the basis from which further work is done. Hand in hand with the existing project team.

Skills We Use

Implementation rate 100%
Regular customers 80%
C-Level 70%

Our references

The UNEX Founders

Die UNEX Gründer

Mike Radziwinski and Benno Daegling

In 2004, Mike Radziwinski and Benno Daegling put their ideas of growth-oriented and implementation-oriented consulting into practice. Previously, both worked for well-known European and American strategy consultancies. The best of all worlds became core to UNEX’s DNA: We Build Business and United Experience. Creating growth together with our customers.

UNEX projects have always been qualitative, because numbers are more convincing than words. With UNEX BI, this path is consistently continued. UNEX BI focuses on business intelligence applications, digitalization and artificial intelligence.

UNEX BI Consultant Profiles

UNEX Business Intelligence

Arne Semken

Arne has a Master of Arts in Business Management. He gained professional experience at Mondelez and Schwartauer Werke as well as in the aviation and travel industries.

UNEX Business Intelligence

Robin Andrae

Robin has a B.A. in Social Economics and has gained experience through running his own business. Now he’s putting that experience to use in the aviation, travel and trade show industries.

UNEX Business Intelligence

Marc Busse

As part of our Hamburg team, Marc handles projects in Aviation & Travel as well as the branded goods industry. He is intrigued by market opportunities based on data modeling.

Let us talk

Benno Christian Daegling
Benno Christian Daegling- UNEX Managing Director
Your contact person for UNEX Business Intelligence

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UNEX BI is part of UNEX Management Consulting, a strategy consultancy focused on successful market development.

Strategic BI Consulting
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