Successfully managing B2B sales

We support production companies and travel companies
through analytical sales management with Power BI
to grow profitably

From goal to success


Set goals, examples:

8% sales growth in 24 months

3% more profitability in 6 months

10% higher market share


Linking data, examples:

SAP sales data

CRM customer data

Internet market data

Control system

Activate control, examples:

Market development and number of hits

Risks and early warning indicators

Result and development

Advantages for your sales management

Clean data

instead of manual formatting and sorting...

all recurring corrections will be carried out automatically in future

Combine data

whether Excel, PDF, SAP or Web...

In future, all data pools will be interconnected and always up-to-date

Distribute data

instead of by e-mail or drive...
Direct access for each employee according to the distribution of powers

Visualize data

instead of tables and pivot wallpaper...

important developments immediately catch the eye through graphics

Start measures

instead of talking about it a lot...

concrete measures are initiated directly

Managing success

instead of believing and hoping...

reliably shows who, where, when and how was successful

Selected project examples

Optimization of market cultivation

This client wanted to use its internal and external sales force as effectively as possible to increase sales and market share

Data from SAP, Salesforce, SQL and Excel data sources, PDF files from customers and additional qualitative data collected through MA surveys were linked

Customers were segmented according to turnover and potential and specific sales opportunities were stored for each customer in the CRM. The control system updates itself automatically on an ongoing basis

Price optimization

In this project at a branded goods manufacturer, the prices and conditions of all customers were to be checked for the performance principle in order to increase customer profitability

Data was linked from SAP and a CRM system. In addition, potential data was supplemented by a systematic customer advisor survey

Customers whose performance and consideration did not match were identified and passed on to the account manager. In future, an early warning system will warn of undesirable developments

Sales optimization

Increase sales by steering sales towards potential

Internal benchmarking across sales channels, price categories, time periods, etc. to identify best practice approaches

Individual lead lists for each sales employee with specific approaches for a high probability of closing a deal

Gains in sales and market share

This airport wanted to increase its attractiveness through new destinations

Various external data sources on market potential and existing flight offers were linked and analyzed

Business cases were developed for attractive routes and for potential airlines

Increase customer profitability

The airline wanted to increase profitability through additional sales

The demand for additional products per route, time of day and day of the week was determined

Dynamic prices per additional product were calculated depending on demand

Interactive sales dashboard, created with Microsoft Power BI

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Our references

The UNEX Founders

Die UNEX Gründer

Mike Radziwinski and Benno Daegling

In 2004, Mike Radziwinski and Benno Daegling put their ideas of growth-oriented and implementation-oriented consulting into practice. Previously, both worked for well-known European and American strategy consultancies. The best of all worlds became core to UNEX’s DNA: We Build Business and United Experience. Creating growth together with our customers.

UNEX projects have always been qualitative, because numbers are more convincing than words. With UNEX BI, this path is consistently continued. UNEX BI focuses on business intelligence applications, digitalization and artificial intelligence.

UNEX BI Consultant Profiles

UNEX Business Intelligence

Arne Semken

Arne has a Master of Arts in Business Management. He gained professional experience at Mondelez and Schwartauer Werke as well as in the aviation and travel industries.

UNEX Business Intelligence

Robin Andrae

Robin has a B.A. in Social Economics and has gained experience through running his own business. Now he’s putting that experience to use in the aviation, travel and trade show industries.

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