The three-dimensional UNEX USP

It’s a standard procedure to ask our clients why they chose UNEX over other consultancies. Overwhelmingly , the answer is this: They trust that our recommendations will be pragmatic and implementable.

How we do it:

  1. we focus on what our clients really want,
  2. we listen to what clients say and
  3. we work hand in hand with the client project teams.

For us it is so important NOT to hide in closed off project rooms but to sit with the client’s staff in order to make the project their project. While the bulk of the project work is executed by us it is important that the stage to present the recommendation is owned by our client’s teams. This is crucial, because they will have to live with the “new world” after we have left the scene.

But there is yet another aspect  that defines the UNEX three-dimensional USP:

  1. First, we are Top Management Consultants. Our roots go back to many decades of delivering projects
  2. Second, many Top Airline Managers have joined UNEX to provide real life experience. They have done the job, they know about the responsibility to deliver and they speak the language of our clients
  3. And third, we benefit from a very close cooperation with airline professors and their institutes in aviation and tourism

For our clients the advantage to work with UNEX comes from the combination of this unique team. We are close to the latest academic research, quick at eye level and professional in project delivery. We pitch with conviction knowing that we will deliver great results.