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These are examples from our UNEX reporting suite blueprint.

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A cross-industry commercial dashboard

An aviation and travel market data dashboard

Key benefits of Power BI:

  1. Combining data from all different kind of sources opens new insights
  2. Self-service drilldowns makes people think more about data
  3. Automated data reload saves time that controlling experts can use for more valuable tasks
  4. Visuals direct the user to the important or critical developments quickly
  5. User management enables one unique dataset truth for everyone

UNEX ANALYTICS project examples

(Confidential data has been changed)

Sales and Pricing

Customer Segmentation

  • Our client’s growth strategy was based on a trustful partnership with his most important customers
  • Those customers were to be identified and a customer relationship had to be developed
  • The full sales energy was spent on a limited number of most valuable customers
  • Pricing- and cross-selling opportunities increased the market share
  • Since all departments were focused to deliver best performance to these target customers many competitors were de-listed

Trade Term Optimization

  • This manufacturer of branded goods asked us to optimize his B2B trade terms, pricing and promotion setup
  • Power BI enabled us to quickly provide detailed clarity over actual and negotiated prices and customer profitability
  • New performance based trade term agreements have been designed and negotiated
  • A new Power BI dashboard sends early warning signals in case of imbalances between agreement and actual performance

Sales Reporting Suite

  • This client fell in love with Power BI during our project phase and asked UNEX to install a long-term reporting solution based on Power BI
  • Data from multiple sources (SAP, timekeeping system,  machine data from production, market data from the internet) has been combined in meaningful reports
  • An automated update routine refreshes this data overnight to serve data expectations from all stakeholders
  • More departments are added to the reporting suite in order to identify interdependencies

Aviation & Travel

Airline Ancillary Push

  • This low cost airline needed to understand its ancillary pricing potential by routing
  • Transparency about willingness to pay was delivered quickly based on a simple Power BI model
  • Demand based dynamic ancillary pricing has been tested for some ancillary products on specific routes
  • An automated price-setting logic for ancillary products has been set-up for each individual flight event

Airport Connectivity

  • Our client, a mid-sized airport, needed to attract airlines to fly to this destination
  • A Power BI based analysis quickly delivered opportunities of underserved routings
  • Customized business cases have been designed for airlines using interactive Power BI based simulation models
  • The modern and digital approach was helpful to start negotiations and finally to increase pax and cargo traffic

Cruise Sales Steering

  • A leading cruise company asked us to make the most out of salesforce time
  • Based on the definition of what travel agencies value most during a sales rep call new topics have been defined
  • A Microsoft Power BI and GfK Regio Graph combination has delivered a more powerful district management
  • “Other agencies have sold more of…” analysis has pointed out agency opportunities and made the sales visit most valuable

Financial & KPI

Financial Reporting

  • Our client asked us to provide a revenue, cost and profitability reporting
  • Up to date transparency on actual vs. PY and vs. budget by multiple factors (country, product group, sales district, customer value group, etc.) has been provided based on our UX reporting suite
  • Daily budget breakdown and rolling totals for early warning indicators have been added to meet our clients expectations
  • The automated daily refresh was installed and specific dashboards for smartphone use have been added

Marketing Success

  • The request was to identify success factors in direct mailing campaigns
  • Best working designs, text length, title attractiveness, etc. have been identified to increase the open rate of digital direct mailings
  • Reasons for readers to unsubscribe have been identified and used for optimization
  • Increased opening rates and focus on “interested readers” instead of “maximize readers” has made the mailing campaign more profitable

Improve your business with UNEX ANALYTICS and Power BI

Our USP is to combine Business Intelligence with Industry Expertise.

UNEX analytics projects follow three steps:

  1. Power BI based analysis to uncover insights from multiple data sources
  2. Workshop focused concept phase to identify growth opportunities
  3. Power BI based report design to track progress via KPI and to provide consistent data

Today many of our Power BI based data models grow constantly to integrate even more departments:

  • Interdependencies along the value chain are identified
  • Dashboards deliver consistent key information to all levels of management
  • Productivity, growth, profitability, quality and more are optimized constantly

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