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Trade fair consulting is what we love. We have been advising national and international trade fair companies for over 10 years. Our clients appreciate the deep insight into the industry. This is due to the fact that UNEX has accompanied trade fair companies in their realignment over several years. We understand the structures and driving core datas of this industry to bring out the best change for your company.

On which topics do clients work with UNEX

Strategic pricing of shows

Increase profit through our price approaches. Forecast the effects via UNEX pricing tool

Redesign of sales & marcom

Prepare marcom and sales for the future (content, digital sales, global sales teams, …)

Optimization of central divisions

Increase effiziency of HR, facility management or procurement

Business divisions by cluster

Realize synergies in the organization with cluster-oriented business units

Restructuring of subsidiaries

Empower your subsidiaries and strengthen interaction with the headquarter

Strategic pricing of services

Gain margin. Simplify, bundel or innovate your service offer with the right price

Redesign & digitalization of services

Think future. Make services easier and more digital for your exhibitors and visitors

Digital solutions

Proven analytical tools. Optimize portfolio of shows, costs of shows, sales partner results, …

Performance of sales partner net

Create a commission and target system to set right incentives for sales partner

... and many more

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Solutions for the “Agenda 2021”

The “new normal” is the major challenge for the exhibition industry. The effects and catching up with earlier revenue results will certainly have to be managed for another 2-3 years. The “Agenda 21” is the smart way to do it: streamline your cost position, get international sales ready for the launch phase and further drive digital innovation. And – don’t forget pricing.

Digital Transformation

Precisely because of the tense situation, the digitization of trade shows will continue to move forward.

Firstly, to meet the digital market requirements (digital events, tracking for hygiene concepts,visitor platforms etc.). Secondly, to make the company’s processes more efficient, especially in service, marCom and sales.

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Gears symbolizing restructuring


There is a tight cost situation due to the cancellation of shows.

However, savings must be made with expertise. The product “exhibition” itself is healthy and a fast business start in summer is essential. Key factors such as show concept, sales and digital even need to be strengthened.

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Increase sales growth with Businessman is pulling progress bar


The loss of commissions has severely weakened the international sales partner network.

Transparency is now needed about the current performance of the sales partners for the upcoming start-up phase. Commission and target systems need temporary alternatives and central sales must step in.

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Hybrid and digital events will remain part of the offering after Covid.

However, pricing for the new products is still suboptimal. Firstly, it still has to be adapted to the digital world and competitors. And secondly, the interaction with the classic revenue sources (space, service, booth) must also be optimized.

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Trusted by top players in the exhibition industry

What our customers say

“UNEX worked with us in 20 projects on a national and international scale. They had a big influence on our positioning as the most profitable trade fair company within Germany. Their main competencies: Profound analyses, co-developed and fitting solutions and a wide acceptance within the company.”

Stefan Rummel - Managing Director, Messe München

“The collaboration with UNEX has delivered high added value for us. The results for our new service concept have exceeded our expectations, also because very exciting digital approaches have been integrated.”

Remo Zimmermann, Member of the Management Board, NürnbergMesse

“I really appreciate working with UNEX. The consultants have a deep insight into the exhibition industry and the sparring in the projects delivers a high added value for us.”

Bhupinder Singh - Chief Executive Officer, Messe Muenchen India

“The pricing project with UNEX was very successful. The competitive environment, the ideas of our employees and the pricing methodology were combined into a powerful concept.”

Michael Kruppe - General Manager, SNIEC Shanghai New International Expo Centre

“The UNEX approach convinced us: Their high analytical competencies and effective implementation helped us, to exceed our ambitious project targets.”

Claus Rättich - Member of the Management Board, NürnbergMesse

Benefit from UNEX expertise

UNEX consultants have a great expertise in the exhibition industry, nationally and internationally. They also work for other highly competitive industries such as aviation or consumer durables. This enables them to transfer important trends from one industry to another.

Founder and Member of trade fair consulting team

Mike Radziwinski


Mike has worked for the exhibition industry for over 10 years. He develops solutions in the areas of strategy, pricing, sales (incl. sales partner networks), re-design of organizations and digital transformation. He also leads the UNEX Competence Center for the exhibition industry.

“What drives me? That our projects pay off with a high factor for our clients.”

Member of trade fair consulting team with exhibition pricing expertise

Stefan Klingenstein


Stefan has been a strong pillar in the UNEX trade fair consulting team for over 10 years. He has advised clients in Europe, China, India, USA, Canada and Australia. His core topics are in the areas of pricing, sales partner conditions, redesigning of organization and digital transformation.

“I love it when we can accurately predict the revenue or pricing effects of our concepts using our exhibition forecasting models.”

Member with sales expertise

Benjamin Luckassen


Benjamin has completed numerous projects as a trade fair consultant over the past years. Highlights were certainly the restructuring of subsidiaries in USA, China and India. But he is also our go-to guy for redesigning departments like MarCom, Service or Facility Management.

“For me, it’s great to roll out the concepts with our customers. It’s amazing to see the positive change.”

Anna Becker


Anna has worked on multiple trade fair projects mainly for clients in Germany. Her focus is on the reorganization of departments such as MarCom or Sales. She also investigates special approaches such as sales teams for European trade fair promotion programs.

“To a large extent I do airline projects. But I like the exchange between these two industries, especially in pricing and sales.”

Björn Rosenberger


Björn knows trade fair consulting for over 10 years: international pricing systems for venues, international commission systems for sales partner or reorganization of MarCom departments. He also accompanies complex restructuring projects in close coordination with works councils and management.

“Since I also found my own companies in Asia, it always excites me to bring the entrepreneurial spirit into projects.”

At UNEX we focus on the combination of deep industry know-how and industry specific methodology. We are proud that all our recommendations have been implemented. The high number of returning customers is the best proof of our customer satisfaction. Contact us today and find out how we can support building your business.

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