The trade fair industry is always international!

Trade exhibitions are no longer subsidized by the government. In today’s competitive market, each trade fair project must be independent and profitable. Competition is high, driven by private exhibition companies who act globally. To stay competitive local exhibition hosts have to go international.

UNEX has many years of successful experience in the trade exhibition and convention industries. We consult with leaders in these industries and assist them in maintaining and increasing their competitive edge.

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At UNEX we focus on the combination of deep industry know-how and industry specific methodology. We are proud that all our recommendations have been implemented. The high number of returning customers is the best proof of our customer satisfaction. Contact us today and find out how we can support building your business.

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Our team

Mike Radziwinski


Mike leads the UNEX Trade Fair Industry team. He is an expert on strategy, sales and pricing with over 10 years of experience in the industry.

Stefan Klingenstein


Stefan has executed over 20 projects in the Trade Fair industry. His focus is on strategy and pricing.

Benjamin Luckassen


Benjamin has executed numerous trade fair assessments and worked on multiple strategy and sales projects in the trade fair Industry.

Anna Becker


Anna has worked on multiple Trade Fair assignments in international sales optimization and pricing.

Björn Rosenberger


Over the last years, Björn was responsible for multiple projects for trade fair companies.

What our customers say

“The UNEX approach convinced us: Their high analytical competencies and effective implementation helped us, to exceed our ambitious project targets.”

Claus Rättich - Management

“UNEX worked with us in 20 projects on a national and international scale. They had a big influence on our positioning as the most profitable trade fair company within Germany. Their main competencies: Profound analyses, co-developed and fitting solutions and a wide acceptance within the company.”

Stefan Rummel - CEO