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Airport Experience

What airport experience do passengers expect today and in the future? Processes are often optimized from a technical perspective and less from a customer’s perspective. And while airports are working on innovations such as eye scanners for security control or gate delivery of shopped items, customers demand error-free core processes [...]

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FMCG Markt: UNEX Bier-Studie

Die Entwicklung des Biermarktes in Deutschland macht nur den Spezialbrauereien noch Freude, der Massenmarkt leidet seit Jahren weitgehend: Die heutige Generation konsumiert pro Kopf fast 40 Liter weniger als ihre Vorgänger und im Vergleich zu 1990 ist der nationale Bierabsatz um fast 30% eingebrochen. Rohstoffkosten und Inflation steigen und auch der internationale Wettbewerb wird [...]

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How will the future of travel-based retail look like? Digitalization, intelligent infrastructures and seamless processes: The travel-based retail market is substantially changing. New offers and players are entering the market and force airlines, airports and airport-retailer to rethink current structures and strategies. Considering that retail revenues constantly grow, all participants [...]

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How to drive passenger loyalty For most airlines, passengers are still more statistics than humans. Knowledge about who the people traveling are and insights about their habits, likes, and dislikes are often missing. The establishment of a well-designed loyalty program is key to collect relevant customer data for an individualized [...]

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How disruption will change the airline industry Scenarios on a revolutionary future Do you believe the LCC wave of overrunning legacy business models was revolutionary? You might need to think again. Digitalization will continue to surprise us with innovations. You don’t want to be hit by surprise? Then you need [...]

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Air- and Non-Air Ancillary Short-term profit or long-term death? Imagine yourself in a restaurant, paying more for a window seat, being charged for making a reservation and paying extra for fast service. Does that sound like a 5* experience? Unbundling of the flight product made Low Cost Carriers (LCC) big. [...]

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