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Airline Planning In An Era of Extreme Uncertainty

Three months after IATA released its 2020 forecast, the Covid-19 pandemic decimated the airline industry. IATA had optimistically projected the industry’s eleventh consecutive year in the black. Some governments are still hoping that the Covid-19 lock down is a temporary disruption and that national economies can simply be switched on [...]

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Dynamic Ancillary Pricing

Dynamic ancillary pricing to increase profitability by up to 30% While settling in on Sun Express flight XQ170 from Antalya to Hamburg, prior to take-off, I heard an announcement offering upgrades to XL seats. Paid onboard upgrades? On a leisure airline? This was new to me and a great example [...]

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Hybrid forms in aviation

Hybrid forms in aviation – a doomed failure? At the core of strategic management, a firm’s goal is about gaining and sustaining a competitive advantage. At a corporate level, the two main strategic orientations of companies were defined as cost leadership or differentiation by Michael Porter back in the 1980s. [...]

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