We love Power BI

By Benno Daegling

March 24, 2022

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Why do we love Power BI?

Microsoft Excel has its limits, even the latest version with Power Query and Power Pivot. Microsoft Power BI is the ideal toolfor getting started with business intelligence.

The most important advantages of BI tools are

  1. Combination of data from different sources to gain new insights gain new insights
  2. Self-service drilldowns make it possible to, learn more from data
  3. Automated updates save timewhich controlling experts can use for more valuable tasks
  4. Visual representations are easier to read than tables and quickly lead the user to important important insights
  5. Comprehensive management of user rights enables a single database for the entire team

Wehave been using Microsoft Power BI for years as part of our analytics in sales and pricing projects, production effectiveness, KPI, HR, etc.

We have been offering business intelligence-based projects with Power BI as a key component for several years. Power BI often remains the central reporting tool for our customers. It pulls data from SAP, SQL, time tracking, websites and more with an automatic refresh. This not only saves a lot of time, but also avoids errors that were previously caused by copy/paste or manual pivot activities.

We believe that Microsoft Power BI has already established itself as the standard BI tool. It has overtaken products from competitors such as Tableau or QlikView.

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