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Green Airline: How to manage the green image of the future.

Air transport is an important contributor to a globalized world. However, its contribution to human-induced CO2 emission is seen as a threat to sustainability. With the flying shame movement from Sweden (“flygskam”), airline emissions have gained focus in the sustainability debate. In all fairness, air traffic contributes only around 2% of global human-induced CO2 emissions. [...]

COVID exposes ULCC advantages vs legacy airlines.

As most of the world has benefited from the low fare, ultra-low-cost carrier model, the U.S. remains a notable exception. In most mature short-haul markets around the world, ULCCs typically command 30% passenger market shares.  However, in the U.S. ULCC penetration has hovered around 5%, but that dramatically changed in 2020 growing to over 10%. Why [...]

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The COVID impact on airport business models

Airports used to benefit from an overall growth path in aviation since decades. But with COVID it seems the model shows the disadvantage of solely being aligned with natural growth patterns. Airlines have always faced competition and once Alliances showed their limitations, new business models appeared and challenged established airlines to adapt and accept the [...]

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Be prepared

Why Airline Retailing should be a priority right now! Airlines in these unprecedented times are confronted with enormous struggles to protect their core business. Most often this means to focus on cost-cutting and innovative methods of rescuing revenue generation wherever possible. Even though these struggles from the coronavirus pandemic are still in full swing, it [...]


The three-dimensional UNEX USP It’s a standard procedure to ask our clients why they chose UNEX over other consultancies. Overwhelmingly , the answer is this: They trust that our recommendations will be pragmatic and implementable. How we do it: we focus on what our clients really want, we listen to what clients say and we [...]

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Guerilla Network Planning

Adapting to Post-Covid Fear-of-Flying By Brock Friesen and Horst Findeisen   In the pre-Covid-19 world, economic success in the airline business was largely driven by superior network planning and revenue management – schedule and price. In the post-Covid-19 world, schedule and price will become even more important to airline survival and success.  The biggest new [...]

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