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UNEX can look back on a long series of successful projects with consumer goods and retail. The focus: Increase growth and efficiency for our customers. Your advantage: UNEX knows both sides – industry and retail. This results in solutions with impact, whether it’s strategy, pricing, sales excellence, reorganization or digital transformation.

We work with our clients on the following topics

Digital transformation as frame for digital sales

Digital Transformation

Put your business model and market approach to the test. One starting point is the customer journey. Where are the touchpoints for expanding the business? Where can opportunities for digitization be exploited?
We help you identify these levers and implement them successfully in your organization.

Digitization is changing the way we work in organizations and markets. Work is becoming more agile, more collaborative, more analytical and faster.
This requires new structures, more agile processes and new skills among employees, especially in marketing, R&D and sales.
We help you to use these possibilities to your advantage.

Digital changes in the company are expensive and should therefore achieve the desired effect.
For this, new digital requirements must be clearly defined and developed with affected employees. Are market and customer expectations exceeded? Is the implementation feasible in day-to-day business? What is the value add?
UNEX accompanies this transformation process until it is completed.

Digital transformation pricing concept. Hand holding digital tablet to check special sale price

Pricing & trade terms

Pricing is one of the approaches with the greatest leverage for profit.
Digitization is currently increasing price transparency. This makes pricing more dynamic across multiple channels.
Therefore, there are new opportunities for developing pricing strategies, ensuring price stability, creating price bundles, using price elasticities and price points, determining price acceptance, calculating volume effects, and much more.
We support you with a strong market-oriented view and the analytical UNEX pricing tools.

Terms & conditions agreements with retail partners have an expiration date and should be regularly put to the test.
This is particularly relevant now, as digital services and considerations should be renegotiated with the retail.
What new digital consideration need to be included? Where are services without quid pro quos with the option to fold prices?
We help you to bring structure and margin back into your terms & conditions system. The effects are analyzed with the UNEX pricing simulation tool and therefore reduce your risk?

You have renewed the condition system with retail partners? But now you also want to harvest the effects.
Then you need performance indicators and a control system. Because profit can only be generated if the key account managers and the field service demand the new conditions.
We help you to develop the right performance indicators. Using digital tools such as Power BI, we implement the reporting in your sales department so you get your data in realtime.

Excellence Word Cloud and digital sales

Go-to-market excellence

Sales excellence comes from sales effectiveness and efficiency.
Find out in which national and international sales departments there are opportunities for optimization.
UNEX has developed assessment tools that test multiple factors. These include, for example, potential-oriented territory management, sales steering, sales structures, inside sales or digital sales tools.
In addition to the assessment, we work with you to develop deficits into strengths. From strategy to implementation and jointly with your sales organization.

“Digital sales” challenges sales organizations anew:
strong digital marketplaces, softening of sales territories, new e-services of retailers and e-commerce ambitions of the industry.
Markets, channels and profits are currently being redistributed. Be part of it.
We support you in developing a powerful digital sales strategy. Everything starts market centric with the customer journey. After that, the market approach and relevant measures are developed together.

Marketing budgets have been shifted towards online in recent years. At the same time, channels, online marketing, web tools and algorithms have become highly dynamic and complex. How effective is your marketing now?
We support you in two main areas: First, an adaptation of marketing structures and online skills of employees. Second, with marketing dashboards that show what online effects your marketing is achieving.

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What our customers say

“UNEX analyzed our complex market situation with a high degree of professionalism and presented it in a way that was comprehensible and new to us. Together, we were thus able to develop actionable recommendations for the market.”

Alfred Kärcher Vertriebs-GmbH

“The concept developed with UNEX is good and coherent – but also ambitious. It takes us and our company to a new level.”

Vöslauer Mineralwasser AG

“UNEX has created value here. We are very satisfied.”


“Together with UNEX, we reviewed and optimized our pricing and discounting system. The new system has been successfully implemented and has fully met our expectations.”

Hamberger Flooring GmbH & Co. KG

“With support from UNEX, we have optimized cooperation with our retail partners. I am very satisfied with the success of the project.”

Electrolux Hausgeräte GmbH

“UNEX supported us in the design and implementation of our growth strategy. I am very satisfied with UNEX’s professionalism and the project result.”

Westag AG

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