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What airport experience do passengers expect today and in the future? Processes are often optimized from a technical perspective and less from a customer’s perspective. And while airports are working on innovations such as eye scanners for security control or gate delivery of shopped items, customers demand error-free core processes and well-thought-out basic offers in [...]

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How will the future of travel-based retail look like? Digitalization, intelligent infrastructures and seamless processes: The travel-based retail market is substantially changing. New offers and players are entering the market and force airlines, airports and airport-retailer to rethink current structures and strategies. Considering that retail revenues constantly grow, all participants want to get a slice [...]

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How to drive passenger loyalty For most airlines, passengers are still more statistics than humans. Knowledge about who the people traveling are and insights about their habits, likes, and dislikes are often missing. The establishment of a well-designed loyalty program is key to collect relevant customer data for an individualized customer approach. Nearly all airlines [...]

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How disruption will change the airline industry Scenarios on a revolutionary future Do you believe the LCC wave of overrunning legacy business models was revolutionary? You might need to think again. Digitalization will continue to surprise us with innovations. You don’t want to be hit by surprise? Then you need to be prepared. Life in [...]

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Air- and Non-Air Ancillary Short-term profit or long-term death? Imagine yourself in a restaurant, paying more for a window seat, being charged for making a reservation and paying extra for fast service. Does that sound like a 5* experience? Unbundling of the flight product made Low Cost Carriers (LCC) big. A low entry price is [...]

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Herausforderung No. 1 im Change

Herausforderung No. 1 im Change: mangelndes Vertrauen „Alles Reden ist sinnlos, wenn das Vertrauen fehlt.“ (Franz Kafka) Mangelndes Vertrauen stellt die größte Herausforderung für Führungskräfte im Change dar. Ver­trau­en ist dabei nicht nur als Ganzes zu sehen, sondern kann aus vier verschiedenen Perspektiven betrachtet werden: Vertrauen in die eigene Person, Vertrauen in die Mit­arbeiter, [...]

Digital Cargo Airlines

How digital is your Customer Experience? Are you in danger of being disrupted by digital cargo champions? Disruption is driven by more flexibility, higher speed or cheaper prices: How would your customers rate the overall experience of doing business with you? How could digitalization speed up your processes and customer satisfaction? What about the [...]

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One Order

Finally airline retail will leave its infancy! “One Order” initiative to revolutionize shopping & ordering Today a typical traveller holds at least three reservation codes, many order numbers and several customer ID’s during one travel including flights, car rentals, trains and hotels. In October 2016 IATA created an earthquake bringing the ‘One Order’ initiative forward [...]

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Single-Pilot Cockpit: Predictable resistance – Predictable outcome

Single-Pilot Cockpit: Predictable resistance - predictable outcome U.S. pilot labor groups are very busy these days. They are lobbying congress to remove from a piece of legislation a provision that would enable NASA and FAA to research single-piloted commercial aircraft. But the underlying issue, a real hot potato, is a global one. This discussion reminds [...]

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„Blutaustausch“ bei der Lufthansa

Wie Carsten Spohr die Airline modernisieren will Doch Branchenexperten würden das für verkraftbar halten. Sie loben die Personalstrategie des Lufthansa-Chefs. „Die Besetzungen stehen aus meiner Sicht für die neue Schule und die Führungskräftepolitik von Herrn Spohr“, sagt Armin Bovensiepen von Unex Management Consulting Group. „Lufthansa steht in den kommenden Jahren vor einem Generationswechsel bei [...]

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