Onboard duty-free

Is Onboard Duty-free outdated? SAS has just decided to stop onboard duty-free sales as reported on ATW Online. SAS argues that changing customer behavior and sustainability considerations from fuel savings led to this decision. This is a rather surprising move at a time where airlines are extending their ancillaries portfolio. On the other hand, onboard [...]

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The revolution around NDC & One Order

NDC and ONE Order are already revolutionizing how airline tickets are distributed. Retail competencies are quickly becoming a core requirement for airline sales units. A whole new industry has already grown around new opportunities and technology. A cross competence survey of the UNEX Airline and the UNEX Retail practices has shown that only about half [...]

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Loyalty – Frequent Flyer Programs

Have FFP’s destroyed airline loyalty? Are Frequent Flyer Programs lucrative for airlines or are they a source of frustration for their members? When American Airlines launched the AAdvantage program in 1981 they created a much copied blue print. Today every airline around the globe offers a Frequent Flyer Program [FFP] of their own. Inspite of [...]

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Airport 4.0

Airport 4.0: Digitalization at the airport Traveling is digital. But somehow, it seems as if the digitalization ends at the airport. Central data management, efficient real-time communication between all actors and a “smart airport” are still dreams of the future. Often, not even sub-processes of airport operations are digitalized. While some airports show good approaches towards [...]

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Airport Loyalty

How to drive airport loyalty For most airports, passengers are still more statistics than humans. Knowledge about who the people traveling from certain airports are and insights about their habits, likes, and dislikes are often missing. The establishment of a well-designed loyalty program is key to collect relevant customer data for an individualized customer approach. [...]

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Airport Retail

The impact of technological and market developments on airport revenue streams Imagine you drive to the airport using car-sharing. There, the next driver will instantly take over your car. After that, you simply drop your suitcases at the automated baggage drop off outside the terminal building as you have already checked your bags in at [...]

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Airport Experience

What airport experience do passengers expect today and in the future? Processes are often optimized from a technical perspective and less from a customer’s perspective. And while airports are working on innovations such as eye scanners for security control or gate delivery of shopped items, customers demand error-free core processes and well-thought-out basic offers in [...]

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