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UNEX teaming up with Navigate Consulting and Services

Our initial meeting in January 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany: Guillermo Bran (Navigate), Darwin Romero (Navigate), Horst Findeisen (UNEX), Benno Daegling (UNEX), Jose Giammattei (Navigate), Arne Semken (UNEX) 18 months ago, UNEX started its cooperation with aviation specialists Navigate Aviation Consulting in San Salvador. This special partnership opens doors to multiple opportunities for each other and our [...]

2020-09-21T09:58:07+02:00By |Travel & Transport|

Using the full potential of revenue management to set sails for market recovery

While unit revenues have come under pressure throughout the entire travel industry in the last decades, revenue management has become an integral and decisive part of a commercial airline organization. Technical and organizational strengths and weaknesses in this field usually translate directly into competitive advantages and - or disadvantages. Moreover, these are associated with an [...]

The New Normal in airport route development: More point-to-point routes and pure freighters

by Horst Findeisen and Brock Friesen, September 2020 Abandoned airport terminals are an eerie sight. Airlines will not bring back capacity as long as passengers are afraid of flying. Such adversity necessitates fresh approaches. Opportunities do exist that were not available previously. Even impenetrable mega hubs will see changes. Creative airports, large or small, will [...]

2020-09-08T15:28:54+02:00By |Travel & Transport|

Did COVID-19 kill NDC?

Even before the pandemic started, the New Distribution Capabilities standard did not really have a breakthrough. And now, with priorities shifted to cash management and limited operations, it has become even harder for NDC to survive. So is the idea of full channel control, rich content offers, personalization, and reduced distribution costs gone forever? Definitely [...]

2020-09-08T12:27:44+02:00By |Travel & Transport|

Corona based business transformation

Corona drives business transformation When the Corona virus hit companies around the globe many of us could not imagine it would be permanent. Many of us have  fired off short term actions. Many governments have provided support. But all of that focused on immediate damage control. Today, Corona is still prevalent, indeed it might stay [...]

2020-08-24T17:23:58+02:00By |Travel & Transport|

Corona Ancillaries

Safety beats price - Definitely! Competing on price is what airlines seem to love - even during this global crisis. Everyone wants to attract those few passengers that have to travel or deeply want to travel. Are we sure we understand their actual willingness to pay? And if base price competition can not be avoided [...]

2020-08-14T14:17:48+02:00By |Travel & Transport|

Next-generation Storefront (NGS): What’s behind it?

ATPCO partnering with UNEX Airlines have substantially increased their shares of ancillary revenues in recent years. While pure income from ticket revenue is likely to decline further, the importance of ancillary services in the overall product offerings of airlines will grow in the future. It is possible that the current COVID-19 crisis may even accelerate [...]

Preparing for the future instead of just predicting it

Most companies around the globe strive for future readiness and invest a lot of energy and resources in having a crystal clear picture of the future. Just envision the countless outlooks and forecasts produced within organizations or other institutions. All of them appear in fancy graphs with percentage-based accuracy and security. Nevertheless, all of them [...]

Airline Planning In An Era of Extreme Uncertainty

Three months after IATA released its 2020 forecast, the Covid-19 pandemic decimated the airline industry. IATA had optimistically projected the industry’s eleventh consecutive year in the black. Some governments are still hoping that the Covid-19 lock down is a temporary disruption and that national economies can simply be switched on when the “curve flattens.” The [...]

2020-05-06T14:08:03+02:00By |Travel & Transport|

All aircraft grounded? Time for out of the box thinking!

Customers are telling us that right now they finally find the time to rethink their strategies. They are open to stepping back from daily business and evaluating business models, processes and go to market approaches. Especially airline managers miss a noticeable differentiation in their companies’ product experience. "There is no major difference for a normal passenger [...]

2020-05-06T09:35:36+02:00By |Travel & Transport|
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