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About Prof. Dr. Ralf Vogler

Ralf is a Professor of Transport Management, Business Administration and Law at Heilbronn University. He has more than 10 years international experience in aviation and was responsible for various topics and projects linking commercial and legal aspects. He holds a doctoral degree from the University of Siegen.

Preparing for the future instead of just predicting it

Most companies around the globe strive for future readiness and invest a lot of energy and resources in having a crystal clear picture of the future. Just envision the countless outlooks and forecasts produced within organizations or other institutions. All of them appear in fancy graphs with percentage-based accuracy and security. Nevertheless, all of them [...]

Change and crisis

Who should stay and who should go  The recent developments around German holiday airline Condor shed some light on one of the most difficult questions in crisis management, its aftermath, and organisational transformation in general: Which employees are critical to keep and which employees are easy to replace.  Although scientists proclaim human resources are the most important resource for any business activity, a crisis or [...]

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