Horst Findeisen

Über Horst Findeisen

Horst joined the UNEX Travel & Transport team in 2018 from Star Alliance where he spent many years in Top Management. His career started at Lufthansa and LH Cargo.

Airline Alliances – best practice or doomed for failure?

Airline Alliances – Best Practice or Doomed for Failure? When partnering among competitors became fashionable in the 1990s it was the airline industry which first embraced the concept and went on to develop global multi partner ecosystems. At the time many pundits proclaimed that airline alliances were merely short-lived marketing gimmicks doomed to fail. [...]

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Single-Pilot Cockpit: Predictable resistance – Predictable outcome

Single-Pilot Cockpit: Predictable resistance - predictable outcome U.S. pilot labor groups are very busy these days. They are lobbying congress to remove from a piece of legislation a provision that would enable NASA and FAA to research single-piloted commercial aircraft. But the underlying issue, a real hot potato, is a global one. This discussion reminds [...]

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