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Horst joined the UNEX Travel & Transport team in 2018. He is a Senior Alliances & Aviation Executive, equally proficient in the fields of aviation and strategic alliances. Comfortable on any global stage. Deep understanding and expertise in multi-partner, multi-cultural synergy opportunities. Proven track record in Start-up and large enterprise settings. Developed #1 Global Airline Alliance, growing membership to 28 world-class airlines, featuring Lufthansa, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines.

Guerilla Network Planning

Adapting to Post-Covid Fear-of-Flying By Brock Friesen and Horst Findeisen   In the pre-Covid-19 world, economic success in the airline business was largely driven by superior network planning and revenue management – schedule and price. In the post-Covid-19 world, schedule and price will become even more important to airline survival and success.  The biggest new [...]

2020-12-04T18:48:42+01:00By |Travel & Transport|

The New Normal in airport route development: More point-to-point routes and pure freighters

by Horst Findeisen and Brock Friesen, September 2020 Abandoned airport terminals are an eerie sight. Airlines will not bring back capacity as long as passengers are afraid of flying. Such adversity necessitates fresh approaches. Opportunities do exist that were not available previously. Even impenetrable mega hubs will see changes. Creative airports, large or small, will [...]

2020-09-08T15:28:54+02:00By |Travel & Transport|

Airline alliances

“Airline alliances are useless.” A very common statement. Let’s check it out!  Nearly 100 airlines are members of a branded airline alliance today, both legacy and LCC. Many of these joined their respective alliance 20 years and several CEO generations ago. Arguably, a re-evaluation is overdue.   Prudent airline leaders, even if they believe in the merits of partnering, are looking for answers to these questions: Is my strategic alliance still working in my favor? Should I [...]

2020-02-09T12:58:06+01:00By |Travel & Transport|

Single-Pilot Cockpit: Predictable resistance – Predictable outcome

Single-Pilot Cockpit: Predictable resistance - predictable outcome U.S. pilot labor groups are very busy these days. They are lobbying congress to remove from a piece of legislation a provision that would enable NASA and FAA to research single-piloted commercial aircraft. But the underlying issue, a real hot potato, is a global one. This discussion reminds [...]

2018-07-02T16:46:37+02:00By |Travel & Transport|
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