About Benno Daegling

Benno is founder of UNEX Management Consulting. He has spent half of his professional life in retail consulting and in airline consulting. Applying pricing and promotion concepts from retail to the airline world combines his two fields of expertise and makes Benno a highly demanded expert for commercial topics in aviation. His current fields of activities focus on Ancillary, NDC and OneOrder.

Dynamic Ancillary Pricing

Dynamic ancillary pricing to increase profitability by up to 30% While settling in on Sun Express flight XQ170 from Antalya to Hamburg, prior to take-off, I heard an announcement offering upgrades to XL seats. Paid onboard upgrades? On a leisure airline? This was new to me and a great example of good timing. Ancillary sales [...]

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Onboard duty-free

Is Onboard Duty-free outdated? SAS has just decided to stop onboard duty-free sales as reported on ATW Online. SAS argues that changing customer behavior and sustainability considerations from fuel savings led to this decision. This is a rather surprising move at a time where airlines are extending their ancillaries portfolio. On the other hand, onboard [...]

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The revolution around NDC & One Order

NDC and ONE Order are already revolutionizing how airline tickets are distributed. Retail competencies are quickly becoming a core requirement for airline sales units. A whole new industry has already grown around new opportunities and technology. A cross competence survey of the UNEX Airline and the UNEX Retail practices has shown that only about half [...]

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FMCG Markt: UNEX Bier-Studie

Die Entwicklung des Biermarktes in Deutschland macht nur den Spezialbrauereien noch Freude, der Massenmarkt leidet seit Jahren weitgehend: Die heutige Generation konsumiert pro Kopf fast 40 Liter weniger als ihre Vorgänger und im Vergleich zu 1990 ist der nationale Bierabsatz um fast 30% eingebrochen. Rohstoffkosten und Inflation steigen und auch der internationale Wettbewerb wird immer schärfer. Der Handel nutzt Fernsehbiere als Frequenzbringer und [...]

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How disruption will change the airline industry Scenarios on a revolutionary future Do you believe the LCC wave of overrunning legacy business models was revolutionary? You might need to think again. Digitalization will continue to surprise us with innovations. You don’t want to be hit by surprise? Then you need to be prepared. Life in [...]

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Air- and Non-Air Ancillary Short-term profit or long-term death? Imagine yourself in a restaurant, paying more for a window seat, being charged for making a reservation and paying extra for fast service. Does that sound like a 5* experience? Unbundling of the flight product made Low Cost Carriers (LCC) big. A low entry price is [...]

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Digital Cargo Airlines

How digital is your Customer Experience? Are you in danger of being disrupted by digital cargo champions? Disruption is driven by more flexibility, higher speed or cheaper prices: How would your customers rate the overall experience of doing business with you? How could digitalization speed up your processes and customer satisfaction? What about the [...]

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The Future of European Legacy Carriers

The Future of European Legacy Carriers Opportunities and Challenges 2017 In January 2016 jet fuel was priced with just under 40 USD/Barrel. Considering it’s 2011 high with about 140 USD/Barrel, the rate has plunged about 70 % since then. Only because of this beneficiary market externality, some carriers were able to make profits. However, there [...]

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