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About Benno Daegling

Benno is founder of UNEX Management Consulting. He has spent half of his professional life in retail consulting and airline consulting. Applying pricing and sales concepts from retail to the airline world combines his two fields of expertise and makes Benno a highly demanded expert for all kinds of commercial topics.

We love Power BI

Why do we love Power BI? UNEX has always been data driven because figures beat words. But Microsoft Excel has its limitations, even the newest version with Power Query and Power Pivot. Microsoft Power BI is the ideal tool to step into Business Intelligence. Key benefits of BI tools are: Combining data from all different [...]


The three-dimensional UNEX USP It’s a standard procedure to ask our clients why they chose UNEX over other consultancies. Overwhelmingly , the answer is this: They trust that our recommendations will be pragmatic and implementable. How we do it: we focus on what our clients really want, we listen to what clients say and we [...]

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Das Ende vom Präsenzvertrieb

Das Ende vom Präsenzvertrieb Notgedrungen haben Unternehmen aller Branchen persönliche Kundenbesuche gegen das Telefon und E-Mails getauscht. Die Corona Kontaktbeschränkungen wirken als Beschleuniger der ohnehin erforderlichen Entwicklung. Dabei wurde in den letzten Jahren so viel am Außendienst optimiert: Immer mehr Besuche je Tag, mindestens 12 sollten es sein Ständig in Kontakt zur Zentrale um die [...]

Erfolgsfaktoren Preis- und Konditionensystem

In diesem Video erläutert UNEX Gründer Benno Daegling die Vorteile eines professionellen PKS - Preis- und Konditionensystem für Markenartikler. Er erklärt auch, weshalb es für KAM so schwierig ist, Gegenleistungen einzufordern und wie man als Vertriebler vom Getriebenen wieder zum Treiber im Jahresgespräch kommen kann.   Weitere Videos und Informationen finden sich auf [...]

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UNEX teaming up with Navigate Consulting and Services

Our initial meeting in January 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany: Guillermo Bran (Navigate), Darwin Romero (Navigate), Horst Findeisen (UNEX), Benno Daegling (UNEX), Jose Giammattei (Navigate), Arne Semken (UNEX) 18 months ago, UNEX started its cooperation with aviation specialists Navigate Aviation Consulting in San Salvador. This special partnership opens doors to multiple opportunities for each other and our [...]

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Did COVID-19 kill NDC?

Even before the pandemic started, the New Distribution Capabilities standard did not really have a breakthrough. And now, with priorities shifted to cash management and limited operations, it has become even harder for NDC to survive. So is the idea of full channel control, rich content offers, personalization, and reduced distribution costs gone forever? Definitely [...]

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