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About Prof. Dr. Andreas Thams

Andreas is a Professor of Airline and Tourism Management. Andreas gained more than 10 years of experience at Thomas Cook, SunExpress and Air Berlin in different commercial leadership roles. He holds a doctoral degree in econometrics from the Free University Berlin. He is Honorary Professor at University of Applied Sciences Worms.

Using the full potential of revenue management to set sails for market recovery

While unit revenues have come under pressure throughout the entire travel industry in the last decades, revenue management has become an integral and decisive part of a commercial airline organization. Technical and organizational strengths and weaknesses in this field usually translate directly into competitive advantages and - or disadvantages. Moreover, these are associated with an [...]

Next-generation Storefront (NGS): What’s behind it?

ATPCO partnering with UNEX Airlines have substantially increased their shares of ancillary revenues in recent years. While pure income from ticket revenue is likely to decline further, the importance of ancillary services in the overall product offerings of airlines will grow in the future. It is possible that the current COVID-19 crisis may even accelerate [...]

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Applications in the Travel Industry  The travel industry, particularly its leisure segment, is ever changing, with new disruptive business models and products entering the market. Matured practices and processes become obsolete in extremely short periods, and the world we live in is becoming a wonderland of innovations, such as smart speakers and self-driving cars. In the coming years, such progress will continue and even accelerate. We will see a significant number of products and business models exiting the market, and consumer behaviors and [...]

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